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Foreclosure Help for Consumers

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The Name Says it All

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Consumer information and Homekeepers commercials

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New Number!

Rena' Starks (pronounced Renee) founded Homekeepers. HIlliard, OH 1997.
In this YouTube video, Starks shows how she saved Christina from Las Vegas' home from foreclosure in 2009.  Christina still owns her residence and with continued work with Homekeepers, her payment is still at $625 (escrowed mortgage payment).

Help! I'm in Foreclosure!

Clicking this link will send you to the contact form on this page.  A HKTeam® representative will contact you.  The BEEE® & Homekeepers knows that these personal matters could be time sensitive and stressful; a representative will contact you within 24hrs.

Don't lose your home, KEEP your home!  Contact Homekeepers today!
(678) 876-6312

A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience.

--SYDNEY SMITH, letter, Sep. 29, 1843   

Our representatives are here to help.

Dale clic al televisor para ver nuestro comerciales en español.

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Homekeepers Mortgage has been here to help since 1997.  We teach homeowner how to speak with the lenders, what to look for in the pile of closing papers and how to ensure the loan process is understood.  Here are some pictures from a homeowners class we held at the public library in Las Vegas, NV FREE of charge.  Please click a button above to email for help.

 ¡Ayuda Homekeepers!

Salvar mi casa

El nombre lo dice todo

Homekeepers representative at a Consumer Help Expo & Rally Las Vegas, NV.

Nuestros representantes están aquí para ayudar.

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"Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.  Unsuccessful people are always asking, "What's in it for me?" 

— Brian Tracy

Don't lose your home, KEEP your home!  Contact Homekeepers today!

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Mortgage Training for the Professional

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By clicking the link above you acknowledge that you will be directed to Homekeepers Training site directly.  Feel safe knowing that they are a BEEE affiliate and partner!

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