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Volunteer/Job Opportunities with The BEEE

"Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more." 

— H. Jackson Brown Jr.      

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Volunteer with The BEEE

Seeking Immediately

Web Content/SEO Analyst Team

Team Lead (1), Analyst (5), Team Members (4)

The Web Content Analyst Team is critical to our site operation. This team is responsible for the execution of content across all internet content (web, social, or otherwise).  This team will work closely with the founders to ensure each area of the sites is updated with the promotional content and brand imagery to drive donations, volunteers, sales, and other functions of The BEEE Group websites. The successful candidates will bring an attention to detail, strong time management skills, and a desire to learn. These roles are key to content execution and content modifications of The BEEE Group production sites that will ultimately support the overall mission, values, and goals of all teams.  
Responsibilities • Work with the system tools to execute daily site functions with or without IT involvement for: Content management, Promotions, and HTML files • Write HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and integrate 3rd party content for marketing and promotions • Work with all teams to deliver personalized content to visitors • Work within a small team to ensure all content is delivered on-time for calendar events • Work with the team to make recommendations on site functionality Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree required • 1-2 years of E-Commerce or Web development experience (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) • Familiarity with Wix, Adobe, WordPress or the like, Web Content Management platforms is preferred • Ability to accomplish specific task within a reasonable time frame • Strong detail orientation and high degree of accuracy • Excellent communication skills • Ability to learn and adapt to change • Highly motivated/self-starter with a sense of ownership, a willingness to learn, and a strong desire to succeed • Bilingual a plus

"Though a smile is little work, its effects are long lasting." 

—  Bucky Buckbinder

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Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

These recruitments are for the following job/volunteer/internship opportunity programs:


Office Beees, Court Beees, Trainer Beees, Fundraiser/Grant Writer Beees,

and the Paralegal Beees.

For detailed information about these programs please call: (530) 324-2333.


General Purpose:

Under direct supervision, Volunteers/Interns perform basic administrative, clerical and office support duties. The programs provide opportunities for participants to receive practical work experience and skill development opportunities while learning specific court procedures and operations, as well as the functions and activities of the office.


Distinguishing Characteristics:


Office Beees: Provides opportunity for Volunteer or Community Service to local area high school students, youth, and other individuals in need of a quality work experience. The program aims to bolster the self- esteem of participants and provide each participant with an understanding of the immigration process and related career opportunities. Youth recommended by community organizations are trained in clerical filing.

Court Beees: Volunteers/Interns learn Court operations (specific to immigration) while enhancing their resume. Volunteers/Interns are general in nature allowing for flexibility in assignments, which are on a nationwide level.

Trainer Beees: The train the trainer program provides an opportunity to participate in government programs under the direction of a certified trainer. Internship duties offer students hands-on experience in administration and the many diverse operations. Internship objectives can be accomplished on a short or long term basis.

Fundraiser/Grant Writer Beees: The fundraising & grant writing program provides hands-on experience in the grueling & precise details of the major support operation of a nonprofit. Participates will have experience with grants readily available and learn how to submit a completed government grant.

Paralegal Beees: Offering opportunities to volunteer/internship for students currently enrolled in paralegal schools, colleges, and universities throughout the United States. There are opportunities throughout The BEEE in various divisions such as Immigration Law, Civil, Criminal, and Juvenile Court.





For your reference, the following are examples intended to describe the general nature and level of work that a volunteer/intern may perform. A volunteer/intern may not perform all the duties listed below, nor are the duties described intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties and/or responsibilities.

1. Performs telephone receptionist duties; answers routine questions from the public and refers customers to appropriate staff.
2. Schedules appointments and meetings and makes meeting arrangements.

3. Retrieves files and assembles documents for use by staff.
4. Sends and delivers faxes; photocopies files and documents; prepares and distributes large mailings.
5. Types and proofreads a variety of routine forms, memoranda, letters, and other documents.
6. Creates and maintains spreadsheets and databases of records and other information.
7. Sets up, organizes, and maintains a variety of standard office records and files.
8. Indexes and cross-references documents and files; pulls, rotates, and files documents; sends and retrieves files from archives; boxes files for storage; conducts file searches for missing files; scans indexes and verifies court documents; purges and arranges for the destruction of documents and records.
9. Delivers and picks up court records and documents to and from various courtrooms, sections, and other court sites.
10. Unpacks, picks up, distributes, and stores forms and supplies; assists in maintaining office.
11. Provides support for other staff.
12. May be assigned a variety of assignments for the purpose of training and development.



The minimum requirements for each program are listed below:

Office Beees:

     • High school students who may receive volunteer credit
     • Recommended by a high school counselor, instructor, or a representative of a participating community or               professional
organization or religious service

Court Beees:

     • College Student (volunteer) • Adult (18 years or older)

Trainer Beees:

     • Adult (18 years or older)
     • College Intern – College Student who may receive course credit
     • Graduate Interns – Students who have completed a Bachelor's Degree program and are pursuing or already           have an 
advanced degree in a related field 


     • Provide the Court the required hours designated by their accredited college.

Fundraiser/Grant Writer Beees:

     • Adult (18 years or older)
     • College Intern – College Student who may receive course credit
     • Graduate Interns – Students who have completed a Bachelor's Degree program and are pursuing or already           have an 
advanced degree in a related field

Paralegal Beees:

     • Adult (18 years or older) with a Paralegal Certificate or currently enrolled in a Paralegal program.

     • College Intern – College Student who may receive course credit


     • Successfully completed pre-requisite course in Civil Litigation and/or Family Law.


     • Commit to at least 160 hours of services and work a minimum of 12 hours per week.


    • Excellent written and oral communication skills
    • Proficiency using personal computers


    • Bilingual - Spanish, Tagalog, Hebrew, and Chinese/Mandarin (Must speak English)

All application materials must be completed in sufficient detail and clarity to permit a comprehensive review and evaluation. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Volunteers/Interns, 18 years of age or older, are fingerprinted and must pass a criminal background check. Information obtained will be evaluated for compatibility with Court standards. Any false statement or omission of material fact may cause disqualification in participation. 

Please E-mail us and let us know what position you are interested in & we will send you a volunteer form.  We are approved to give you certified volunteer hours!

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Work with The BEEE

Now Hiring (Coming Soon)

Companies That Support the BEEE

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"Yes, of course we could all use some help. There isn't a person alive without a need. So don't ask the silly question, just figure out how you're going to help and do it!" 

— Richelle E. Goodrich

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Hey, it's me, Bernie Beee from the Silverhead Club, sometimes other projects within The BEEE Group need a helping hand.  If you are interested in the other opportunities that The BEEE thinks are outstanding projects in the community, click on the links and you will be directed to that page for more information.  Thank you for beeeing an outstanding contributor to your community!

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